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WordPress 2020 Handbook: 50 WordPress .com and .org Features

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WordPress 2020 Handbook: 50 WordPress .com and .org Features

Today we want to share with you this Guide to WordPress in 50 steps. uk mobile number list We have collected all the functions that we explained about WordPress in our Community Manager course to serve as a review guide for students. WordPress .uk mobile number list com and .org have tons of features that you can get a lot out of. Do you know them all? Hello! Today we want to share with you this Manual that summarizes all the functions that you must learn in WordPress. Each of our Community  uk mobile number list Manager Course students makes a blog on WordPress.com, and this Guide is specially designed to review everything seen in class. It is the WordPress Reference Manual in Aula CM courses. uk mobile number list If you use WordPress.org on your own hosting, most of the following features are the same.

Where it is different I indicate it to you so that it works for the two versions of WordPress. You will also have other extra functions thanks to the Plugins and Templates. uk mobile number list We do not comment on them here, uk mobile number list but you can complement this reading with The best plugins for WordPress . In our face-to-face WordPress practical course and in the WordPress Online course we no longer use WordPress.com and each student installs their website on their own Hosting. uk mobile number list If you have questions about this installation, I recommend this tutorial to install WordPress on your server. Still, WordPress.com is the best platform to write your blog and it has a lot of features. Do you know them all? 481. uk mobile number list What is WordPress.com and how does it differ from its older brother WordPress.

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org: WordPress.org refers to the most used Gambling Email List content manager in the world, in which we can download for free and install on our own server. uk mobile number list WordPress.com is a system developed by the same company, uk mobile number list Automatics , which allows us, using its servers and the same free software (with some limitations), to have our own blog or website quickly and for free. In the “dot com” version we will not have to worry about databases, backup, or security, since it is their responsibility.uk mobile number list In the “dot org” these tasks fall on the user himself and on his hosting provider. In this article we are going to see all the functions of the dot com version, more accessible to everyone. uk mobile number list Most of them work the same in the dot com version. 272. Some advantages of WordPress:

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