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Women are key in the decision of 88% of purchases

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Women are key in the decision of 88% of purchases

Havas Media Group Spain, mobile telephone numbers australia convinced that it is possible to do more egalitarian advertising where women feel identified, has presented “Meaningful Women 2030”, mobile telephone numbers australia the new capacity of the Group that was born with a firm and urgent commitment to help brands to connect with women in relevant ways. mobile telephone numbers australia Previous research, focused on what women expect from a brand that is capable of connecting with them , was carried out based on desk research, mobile telephone numbers australia followed by a qualitative study in a discussion group format with a broad spectrum of women. In addition, a quantitative one on a sample of 1,408 interviews.

among women between 18 and 55 years old, mobile telephone numbers australia and focused on five categories: automotive, mobile telephone numbers australia beauty and personal care, dietetics, electrical appliances and technology. One of the most revealing results is the one that shows how the woman is a purchasing decision maker 88% of the time. This key role of women occurs, mobile telephone numbers australia not only in those categories that are attributed to them more closely, mobile telephone numbers australia but also in others traditionally considered more “masculine”. The data also shows that, despite this demand, brands are not meeting it or do not know how to do it.

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And this explains why 38% of the time women do not feel identified with any campaign. mobile telephone numbers australia Of the 5 sectors analyzed, in 4 of them the support for differentiated advertising does not exceed 10%, only in beauty it is above, 20%. This shows us that women do not expect to see a specifically feminine communication, neither of empowerment, mobile telephone numbers australia nor that it highlights rivalries or theoretical “superiorities”, mobile telephone numbers australia and even less that it devalues ​​men. From Havas Media Group they reflect on these results reaching the conclusion that an authentic connection with women, which promotes equality,  mobile telephone numbers australia will grant brands clear benefits in brand equity, but also at a low funnel level, in the key of sales and recommendation.

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