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Will OAO – Online Audience Optimization – replace SEO? Know their main proposals

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Will OAO – Online Audience Optimization – replace SEO? Know their main proposals

Google, where 90 percent of internet searches are carried out, has changed its algorithm and renewed its tools, which has complicated the situation, just when it seemed that with knowing and applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) an effective internet presence was achieved. It is no longer enough to know about keywords, now you have to know about content, content distribution and more Armenia Phone Number List. Now you have to know about Online Audience Optimization (OAO).

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It is not about the death of SEO, as some proclaim on the net, rather it is an evolution to adapt to the circumstances. With the arrival of the Colibrí algorithm to Google and other measures taken by the search engine giant, the keywords used by Internet users to access a certain page can no longer be known, the pagerank is not updated as frequently, the importance of use of keywords (the user’s search “idea” has been favored) and the quality, depth and authorship of the texts are being given greater importance.

What does this mean? That to get visits it will be necessary to combine more elements (SEO work will not be enough) and give a new approach. This approach is what the experts have called Online Audience Optimization (OAO) and it proposes a connection with the audience related to the business website that you have, so that the visits arrive and return, through quality content and good dissemination of it.

Something like combining the best practices of SEO, content marketing and social media marketing Phone Number List, in addition to the relevant contributions of engagement and branding techniques, as the case may be.

An evolution that begins to gain followers and results, proposes as part of this new strategy, taking into account the following aspects:

– Creation of quality content related to the user and the product / brand. That it provides new, useful, interesting and in-depth information.

– Establishment of a specific audience, use the content to increase traffic but of Internet users who are interested in what is offered on the page so that they return.

– Distribution, in a constant and continuous way, of the content created and adapted, in the different social networks and blogs to create a complete online presence, through Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

– Optimization of the adaptability of the website to mobile devices and applications.

– Decreased importance to mass and location of keywords.

These are some of the aspects that the OAO proposes to successfully position itself in internet searches, given the evolution of search engines, whose paradigm shift seems aimed at creating a more lasting and enriching relationship for the user, based on quality content, as well as better availability and distribution.

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