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Why stores seek to seduce their customers through the senses

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Why stores seek to seduce their customers through the senses

A good smell in a store ensures that customers stay longer, uk mobile number directory and technology can help make that happen and improve the shopping experience. This is one of the marketing maxims on which the work of the Madrid company The Sensory Lab is based, uk mobile number directory which develops technology to achieve this improvement among consumers when they go shopping.  uk mobile number directory “If I’m comfortable, I stay longer, the probability of purchase increases,” says Isidro Sánchez-Crespo, CEO of the company, uk mobile number directory in the video that accompanies this article.

The Sensory Lab began a decade ago offering musical ambience services for public spaces. uk mobile number directory Today their work consists of seducing the hearing, the smell and also the sight of everyone who comes to one of the establishments with which they work, uk mobile number directory be it a bank branch, a paradox or a supermarket. Sánchez-Crespo gives an example: periodic messages related to the bakery section are launched through the public address system. “uk mobile number directory We know that we have to hit him twice for the advertising message to be effective from the audio point of view,” says Sánchez-Crespo.

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That auditory impact, he adds, uk mobile number directory is complemented by a visual one in the form of a screen that shows, uk mobile number directory for example, bread or pastries and the message that at  Gambling Email List a certain time it is baking. The strategy is finished off with an olfactory stimulus: the consumer perceives an aroma linked to freshly baked bread. The company analyzes variables such as consumer behavior, uk mobile number directory the number of visitors, uk mobile number directory the frequency with which they enter and leave or the average time they stay indoors, and relates them to their sensory actions to find out how effective they are in seducing the customer. . Sánchez-Crespo ensures that his direct objective is not to cause more sales, uk mobile number directory but to optimize the experience to help potential buyers make decisions.

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