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Why are Spanish companies not among the 100 with the most value in the world?

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Why are Spanish companies not among the 100 with the most value in the world?

Taking a look at the top 100 companies with the largest capitalization in the world is devastating from a Spanish perspective. Our country has some of the most recognized brands in different sectors internationally, canadian phone number database see for example the paradigm that is Inditex. However, despite this apparent prestige, canadian phone number database it is surprising to note that none of the Spanish companies can even rub shoulders in capitalization with the most powerful companies in the world. Inditex is precisely the first and to find it in this ranking we have to go down a lot, specifically to position 126. Why? We brought this up just days after it was learned that, for the first time, the global market capitalization has surpassed the figure of 100 trillion dollars . canadian phone number database And Wall Street stands out as the big winner when we take a look at the top of the list. canadian phone number database Not surprisingly, four of the top five companies by capitalization are American (Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet) and all of them are above a trillion dollars of capitalization.

It could be said that this North American dominance (33 of the top 50 companies are American) is explained by how powerful the technology sector is in the country. canadian phone number database It is enough to contemplate that these four companies that we mentioned base their business on new technologies. We have nothing to blame for that. It is completely true, canadian phone number database as it is that it cannot be said that the Spanish business profile focuses its efforts on technological specialization. But that does not prevent us from finding that not finding Spanish companies among the top hundred in capitalization has a much deeper explanation. Because there are companies from other countries not focused on technology that are in the top positions. canadian phone number database The multinational Johnson & Johnson, a manufacturer of pharmaceutical and personal care products, is in very high positions, as are the European companies Roche or L’Oreal .

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A good marketing strategy would give a great boost to many Spanish  Gambling Email List companies Why does the fourteenth world economy, canadian phone number database the Spanish, not include any of its companies in the ranking ? It is undoubtedly a sum of structural reasons, related to the lack of investment in , canadian phone number database with a certain business conservatism and little commitment to innovation. But we want to put the accent, that’s why we call ourselves Foro Marketing, in our specialty. canadian phone number database A large part of Spanish companies still do not consider marketing as a fundamental value , they underestimate its effects on the success of companies and they do not fully understand that to grow it is necessary to have a global and long-term vision in which the marketing strategy and Sales plays a leading role . canadian phone number database Does anyone think that Amazon or Apple would be what they are if they had not based their business model on a sharp, innovative and disruptive marketing strategy?

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