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WhatsApp Business or how to buy products at the click of a button

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WhatsApp Business or how to buy products at the click of a button

he new function that WhatsApp has incorporated into indian mobile number format its business application allows the user to access the catalog of companies with just one click and buy the products without leaving their app. With the pandemic, many businesses have had to indian mobile number format adapt and even change their business model. We have seen nightclubs become restaurants and bars with years of antiquity forced to enter the universe of take away. The digital transformation has seen a fruitful journey in recent months based on the survival of those who have been able to afford it. Those who have known how to adapt to the difficult situation in which we find ourselves. indian mobile number format And digital businesses have not been an exception to this adaptation either , since their business model also has to be linked to the new needs of the consumer and the entrepreneur.

WhatsApp has been one of these businesses indian mobile number format that has sought to avoid that crisis in which the virus has wanted to submerge us. The application has been saying since last month indian mobile number format that it would increase investment in three of the areas that make up its platform. These are shopping, Facebook hosting services, and business sales. The first step has been taken by the shopping area, indian mobile number format which, since Tuesday, has a purchase button on its interface . As reported by Ad week , this button facilitates the purchase process of the user who is attracted to a certain product . indian mobile number format After the pressure of this new element, the consumer will be directed to a catalog with the goods and services of the business, thus eliminating the need to click on the company’s profile.

indian mobile number format

Only companies with the option of said catalog will have the option Gambling Email List  this button, with which users can be directed to said products. indian mobile number format WhatsApp has already said that this new feature will be available globally, which will replace the voice call button . indian mobile number format This button will be available from now on within the video call button, with which you can choose the option of video or voice only. WhatsApp Business figures reach more than 175 million users a day , in addition to having more than indian mobile number format 40 million visits to company catalogs each month. On the other hand, the company has also carried out a survey with which they have discovered that 68% of those interviewed have stated that they are more likely to  indian mobile number format make purchases in company with those who can be contacted through messages , than with those who do not have this option.

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