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What works best in Social Media. Clara Soler at the IV Meeting of Agencies

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What works best in Social Media. Clara Soler at the IV Meeting of Agencies

On May 19, the Annual Meeting of Digital Marketing Agencies was held for the fourth time at the Circular de Belles Artes, cell number search canada organized by Aulas. This year we were accompanied by professionals from the sector, with different specialties. Clara Soler, cell number search canada CEO of Turistícate, was in charge of opening the day with a fun, entertaining and valuable talk. Clara Soler told us what works best for her and her team in social media, what she takes Neither the crystal ball that she brought with her, cell number search canada nor can anyone predict what will happen in the digital marketing sector in the months and years to come, but what we do know and Clara knows well is what works today,

thanks to her own experience. cell number search canada IN Social media we really like to talk about the future. What will happen, which will be the networks that will succeed this year . cell number search canada we love to talk about this topic. A few months ago when the Stories appeared on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp . it was said that Snapchat was going to die , Gambling Email List cell number search canada it was going to disappear. However, recently there was a news story saying that Snapchat was going to spend more on advertising in the next year than Facebook, even that it had increased users by 5%. And . cell number search canada what about Google Plus? I have been working on this for 7 years and during these 7 years I have been hearing that Google Plus is going to disappear and no,

it is the Jordi Hurtado of social networks. Twitter, cell number search canada what about Twitter? We spend the time saying that it is going to disappear, that it has little time left, that they have had to inject money into it…cell number search canada  But Twitter is still there, increasing users, although little by little. The predictions of the future that are made in Social Media are still wrong .I do not dare to tell you the trends for next year or the social networks that will triumph, that they will be fashionable. cell number search canada What I can tell you is what is working for me now, for me and my team. I summarize it in 10 points.

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