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What to do to make an impact with a campaign?

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What to do to make an impact with a campaign?

Without a doubt, the question of the title is essential and we have asked it thousands of times. But formulas don’t always work. People change daily, we all do, and what impacts us today may not work tomorrow. Intuition and some basic knowledge about the human being can be useful elements when choosing an idea for a marketing campaign Bahrain Phone Number List. Perfection and talent. Today I came across a little viral on YouTube that, for some, may seem trivial. It’s about live music. A guitarist accompanies his friend to play Mario Bros, interpreting the music himself. Talent sells.

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Make a Difference. If your product is “more of the same” and your campaign is too, it is difficult for it to go viral. Finding the differences and enhancing them is a good idea, always.

The unusual as a resource. One of the campaigns that caused the most stir last year was that of Virgin Mobile, which, consistent with its image, presented absurd and unusual situations and made a conceptual difference Phone Number List. The last one that we remember presents a satire of the two presidential candidates with the figure of González Caceres as the main image speaking of “woman’s word”, which is curious, to say the least.

Multiply efforts. To achieve an impact, it is necessary to multiply efforts with all the means you have and all the people who can collaborate. A good story can be lost if only your agency spreads it. Seeking support is essential, especially in the first days.

Infallible elements. Humor and emotion are infallible when it comes to making the world react.

Creativity as the basis . It is obvious, but a good idea is the basis of the viral. And what is a good idea? Well, it will depend on the product, the place, the moment and the audience … and also luck. So while there is no magic bullet, the items above can help. Then the outreach effort will have to be powerful and unified. It is a matter of trying.

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