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What makes us connect with content marketing

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What makes us connect with content marketing

The content marketing is german telephone numbers one of the most desired marketing campaigns of brands and companies elements. Knowing that traditional ads have lost steam, german telephone numbers companies want to reach new consumers through content that connects with them. But, what is it that makes some content stand out and manage to capture the user’s attention so that they stop to read it? A study by the company german telephone numbers Verizon Media has focused on answering this question based on a sample of 60,000 consumers in 15 different countries . german telephone numbers Data collected by Verizon Media, since 2016, determines that there is a list of eight reasons why one content achieves a response and another does not.

In addition, the guidelines are equally valid for the media as for the branded content. german telephone numbers Why is content marketing beneficial? Businesses opt for a content marketing strategy because it is a way to increase visits to a website  german telephone numbers . Content marketing generates an average of 2.6 times more interactions and 3.7 times more leads than other strategies. In addition to this, quality content generates confidence in the potential client. german telephone numbers  75% of B2B buyers trust content posted on the Internet; These being essential factors when it comes to influencing the potential client .

german telephone numbers

On the other hand, german telephone numbers Gambling Email List creating content marketing strategies is much cheaper and measurable than traditional techniques. Content marketing can cost up to 62% less and have more results. german telephone numbers According to the Demand Metric report , companies that create valuable content generate 67% more leads per month. And, if we add to them, the lower cost that it supposes for the company we have the keys by which the contents are worked both:  german telephone numbers More satisfaction, more results and less cost. What factors make our content connect with the public? Continuing with the Verizon Media study, german telephone numbers the conclusion they reached is that there are certain functional elements within our content that simply increase the emotional impact on the public .

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