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What is sitemap, how to use it and why it matters

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What is sitemap, how to use it and why it matters

Estimated reading time: hong kong number phone  8 minutes Ever wonder how Google finds websites and decides how they will be ranked? The key is Googlebot –  hong kong number phone a ‘tracker’ program that has two basic functions. Googlebot explores the web by going from page to page. Along the way, it records information about the various links you visit and how they are related. hong kong number phone Google then uses this data to create search results and determine which searches a particular content is most relevant to. Given Google’s huge popularity and the importance of organic traffic (search engine) in general, you’ll want to do everything you can to help this bot understand your site. hong kong number phone That’s where site maps come in.

A sitemap (also called an “XML sitemap”) hong kong number phone is a file that none of your human visitors will ever see. It is marked to ‘ search engine eyes only ‘ and lists all the pages on your site. It turns out that this flat file is an extremely valuable tool. hong kong number phone Check out our monthly website dissemination and creation plans Name* Name * Email* Email * Cell* Cell * See plans and prices page should_not_change Index of this article What is Sitemap? hong kong number phone Why are Sitemaps important? The Benefits of Using a Sitemap Do I need a Sitemap? How to Create a Sitemap How to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console How to let Google know about your new Sitemap What is a Sitemap Conclusion What is Sitemap?

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A site map is a blueprint of your Gambling Email List website that helps search engines find, crawl and index all the content on your website. hong kong number phone Sitemaps also tell search engines which pages  hong kong number phone on your site are most important. There are four main types of sitemaps: Normal XML sitemap hong kong number phone : This is by far the most common type of sitemap. It is usually in the form of an XML Sitemap with links to different pages on your site. Video Sitemap: Used specifically to help Google understand the video content on your page. hong kong number phone News Sitemap: Helps Google find content on sites approved for Google News. Image Sitemap: Helps Google find all the images hosted on your site.

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