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What is CTR and why clickthrough rate matters

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What is CTR and why clickthrough rate matters

Estimated reading time: cell phone use in greece  8 minutes What is CTR: In Internet marketing, CTR stands for clickthrough rate : a metric that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads by number of impressions. cell phone use in greece Achieving a high click-through rate is critical to PPC success because it directly affects your Quality Score and how much you pay each time someone cell phone use in greece clicks your search ad. Are your click-through rates getting in the way or are they high enough?

Index of this article So cell phone use in greece what is CTR? Why are clickthrough rates important? What is a “good” click-through rate? When Higher Click-Through Rates Are Really cell phone use in greece Bad for Business When Higher Clickthrough Rates Really Bad for Business When a low CTR is OK Achieving high click-through rates for your ads 4 tips to improve CTR Market to your ideal cell phone use in greece customers for better conversions (not just a high CTR)

cell phone use in greece

Create data-based user cell phone use in greece personas Conclusion So what is CTR? PPC click-through rate is the rate at which your PPC ads are clicked. This number is the percentage of Gambling Email List people who see your ad (impressions) cell phone use in greece and actually click your ad (clicks). The formula for CTR looks like this: (Total ad clicks) / (Total impressions) = Clickthrough rate You can usually view your clickthrough rate on your PPC account dashboard. cell phone use in greece A high CTR means that a high percentage of people who see your ad click on it.

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