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What is compliance in companies: how the concept works

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What is compliance in companies: how the concept works

fter those ten applications the study includes another eleven. indian telemarketer phone numbers These, however, have not been so lucky and have obtained more red numbers in terms of variation between one year and another. Those with the highest negative percentage have been Logo , with a 20% drop , indian telemarketer phone numbers Abdo with 18.9% and People with 17.1%. This is not the case with Tinder (5.6%), YouTube Vanned (2.2%) or YouTube Kids (1.95), which have remained in line. indian telemarketer phone numbers Next, we list the list of the 21 applications with the highest percentage of market share and their reach. Social media has seen a record boost during the year of the pandemic.

The confinements made our fingers stick to the screens as if there was no tomorrow. indian telemarketer phone numbers The need to communicate and to seek new forms of entertainment meant that these types of applications had the highest market shares. It could be said that digitization and the indian telemarketer phone numbers routines assumed during the crisis period have marked a before and after in the way of interacting with them. This is confirmed by the data for the first quarter of 2021 from the Immobile , indian telemarketer phone numbers a study carried out by Smarted Analytics that measures the market share of the mobile sector. indian telemarketer phone numbers This indicates that YouTube is the application that sits on the throne , with a share of 84.3% .

indian telemarketer phone numbers

However, and despite having experienced a growth of 2.1%, indian telemarketer phone numbers Gambling Email List Instagram is again in second place, with 81%. Facebook , with a fall of 2.7%, indian telemarketer phone numbers retains the third position thanks to its 75.8%. It ranks well ahead of Tikor , which has 46.1%. However, it should be noted that it is the app with the highest growth compared to 2020 and that its market share has increased by 27%. Behind it is Twitter (28.8%), which remains unchanged. indian telemarketer phone numbers The next ones we found were Pinterest (17.1%), Snapchat (15.9%) and LinkedIn (10.4%), which fell 5.5% and became the application with the highest recorded decline. The top 10 is closed by Twitch with 9.9% and a variation of 19.3% and Discord , indian telemarketer phone numbers which occupies the tenth place with 8.2%.

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