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What is BERT? The great change of Google that will affect SEO strategies

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What is BERT? The great change of Google that will affect SEO strategies

Google has announced a revolutionary change: free phone number germany BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), a processor that understands the way we express ourselves to find the right information in search engines. free phone number germany Once implemented, BERT will completely change the response that users receive from the search engine. This change, which seeks efficiency when it comes to providing answers, free phone number germany will have a direct effect on the marketing strategies of brands and companies . In other words, SEO and SEO strategies will be affected. Google Introduces BERT,

Biggest Search free phone number germany Algorithm Update in Years CLICK TO TWEET The essence of Google’s change is based on how the search engine understands users. free phone number germany The system always tries to refine the understanding of natural language to ensure that it is able to notice nuances and respond more efficiently to what is sought or requested. free phone number germany This understanding will make the limitations that we previously encountered with keywords gradually disappear. User searches will be “ naturalized ”,  free phone number germany they will be done in a more conversational way . If we add to this the rise of voice assistants, it is understood that Google wants, little by little.

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searches to be similar to the way users speak Gambling Email List . free phone number germany Google has announced that this change is one of the largest made in the history of search and that, in five years, free phone number germany it will continue to work on it. Some estimates already indicate that 10% of searches carried out are already affected by the change in Google. The vice president of search, Pandu Nayak , free phone number germany has explained in the company’s blog that they have improved the ability to understand natural language so that “the search engine is able to understand much better what consumers want to know. For which they have learned from BERT,  free phone number germany a natural language processing neural network that they opened in open source last year ”.

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