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What is a KPI in Marketing and the most important metrics

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What is a KPI in Marketing and the most important metrics

We are going to analyze the KPIs that we use in Digital cold calling phone number list Marketing to measure all our actions and thus be able to evaluate which ones are being more profitable. Here we have more than 100 metrics divided into more than 10 work areas. Let’s see which ones interest you the most. cold calling phone number list A KPI ( Key Performance Indicator ) is a unit of measurement that allows you to periodically measure and compare if you are meeting intermediate objectives in your Marketing campaigns. KPIs function as indicators or inflection points cold calling phone number list where you can see and analyze the performance, progression and profitability of your actions in regular periods of time. For example, cold calling phone number list they allow you to know the scope and impact of your actions or the result of your SEO actions.

You can measure, for example, cold calling phone number list if you are making adequate use of your keywords, or if the audience and interactions of your publications on Social Networks increase and if your email marketing campaigns help you achieve your goals. Something that you must take into account is that your goals are measurable and achievable. cold calling phone number list Something that is defined as SMART Goals ( smart goals ). SMART (in English means smart) is an acronym that means: Unlike the general Marketing objectives, KPIs are specific metrics (quantitative and qualitative), cold calling phone number list which allow you to analyze each of the channels of dissemination, performance, loyalty, positioning and Branding of your campaigns. Choosing the right KPIs in your strategy will allow you to properly measure the progression of your actions, cold calling phone number list or on the contrary correct the strategy, if the results are not what you expect. Another characteristic that the KPIs that you implant in your strategy should have is that they must be relevant to your strategy , and as far as possible,

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they must be specific so that the comparison is as accurate Gambling Email List as possible. cold calling phone number list For example, if you focus on measuring the progression of your audience in a social network and the percentage of conversions through it, when measuring, you must take into account the two metrics and not just one of them. cold calling phone number list Obviously, each company should create a Marketing Plan according to its objectives, with a personalized strategy according to its audience, the market niche it is targeting and the strategies to be developed and the channels or media to be used. cold calling phone number list Information about user behavior, before and after they visit your website. Not only does it offer you very detailed reports about your audience, that is, about the people who come to your website, but also their search engine behavior, cold calling phone number list something that is decisive to improve your organic search engine positioning (SEO). With Google Analytics, you can create objectives according to the marketing interests of your Brand. Once the general objectives have been established, it is very easy to establish KPIs to generate reports and comparisons in certain periods of time.

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