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What can we learn from these social media campaigns

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What can we learn from these social media campaigns

Today we are going with a fun and useful post.  Founder Email Lists We have selected some of the best social media campaigns in recent years and we are going to share them with you. Pay attention, in case you can take advantage of an idea and put it into practice with your brand. Founder Email Lists Developing social media campaigns is still a challenge for many companies, many times they do not know what type of content to share or what format is the most suitable for their audience. It is important to set precise goals. Founder Email Lists They must be measurable and time-limited campaigns. Founder Email Lists One of the challenges when designing this strategy, it is important to define very well in which social networks to carry it out.

In several networks at the same time: There are campaigns that are very versatile and you can get different material from them at the graphic level and at the copy level. Founder Email Lists They are multi-channel, which are launched on all the brand’s networks, of course, Founder Email Lists adapting to the network’s profile. In a network: Others however, Founder Email Lists only make sense in a social network or in two at most. Reasons: it may be that the audience is only in one network or that the format of the campaign itself does not allow it. In this article you will find both options. Very complete campaigns,

such as #MomentoIkea, from Ikea or campaigns like #MakeItYours, from Xbox, Founder Email Lists which perfectly captures the nature of Instagram. Gambling Email List  magicwandThe 20 best Social Media campaigns to inspire you This is a good selection of the best social media campaigns that have been launched in recent years. Many of them have had an international impact. Founder Email Lists We hope they are helpful and inspiring. #PruebaRealLaser: L’Oréal vs Laser. Totally provocative, Founder Email Lists this campaign proposed a challenge: subjecting a real woman to a laser session on one half of her face and a cosmetic treatment on the other half.

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