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What can not be missing in a ‘marketing’ campaign

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What can not be missing in a ‘marketing’ campaign

Just as the placement of sensors in a physical store allows to know the behavior of the buyers and to use that information to improve the offers or the disposition of the products, mobile phone number directory uk the movements of the Internet users in the electronic commerce are also registered in the network. mobile phone number directory uk Today marketing does not contemplate any solution that does not have a technology behind it. Both companies and users have become more digital ” mobile phone number directory uk, argues David Lustra, director of Technological Marketing at the software development consultancy Singular, mobile phone number directory uk in the video that opens this article.

This modernization improves the efficiency of all the companies’ mobile phone number directory uk market processes: it optimizes campaigns and more efficiently attracts and loyalty to the consumer. mobile phone number directory uk A journey in which information is essential. “Without a data-oriented corporate culture or a team focused on analyzing and understanding the consumer in a 360º way, we are not doing anything,” acknowledges Lystra. To achieve this, mobile phone number directory uk the marketing department will need to pay special attention to several factors. Personalization offers a competitive advantage at a time when the user.

mobile phone number directory uk

who is overwhelmed by the number of messages Gambling Email List he receives per day,  mobile phone number directory uk feels that something is being sent exclusively to him and just when he needs it. Automation and analytics are key to managing the volume of information generated by channels and advertising systems. mobile phone number directory uk A job that was previously done manually, explains Lystra, but is now impossible due to the large amount of data that is handled. mobile phone number directory uk This information allows us to know what other particular needs the buyer has, in order to design specific products and services that, mobile phone number directory uk instead of being designed for the general public, are adapted to a small group of consumers.

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