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Web traffic: 4 types of leads that you should take into account

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Web traffic: 4 types of leads that you should take into account

According to KPCB, Internet traffic has increased considerably in recent years, mobile circulation rose 25 percent in five years International.- According to the firm Kleinberg Perkins (KPCB), Internet traffic has increased considerably in recent years, Guatemala Mobile Database only mobile circulation rose 25 percent in five years, between 2009 and 2014.

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Positioning is the key to success in social media, however, having traffic 24 hours a day does not mean that good results are obtained, that is why Marketing Tantra exposes four types of web visitors; so that by identifying them it is possible to convert traffic to leads or potential customers.

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The one with the wish list He
is the typical one who looks for products, he loves to be informed, but he cannot buy them. If there is such a temptation, the ideal is to run promotions Brother Cell Phone List, offer discount coupons and follow up.

hesitant The doubtful twins, for people who are indecisive it is best to put an ultimatum. They identify themselves by the number of times they see a product, but they still can’t decide to act.

The Compulsive Shopper
Unlike the first two, he is a shopping fanatic, he acquires everything he sees, he is a lover of launches. This lead does not need to be persuaded, simply draw their attention with images and colors that stand out.

The busy person
knows that he wants a specific product, but he is well informed before making the purchase. He researches other products and compares them, visits various sites, until he feels confident. Facilitating the buying process increases the chances of closing the sale.

This way of understanding the consumer is practical and functional to carry out an innovative and punctual e-commerce strategy .

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