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Watch Together: The new Facebook application that allows you to watch videos with friends through video calls

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Watch Together: The new Facebook application that allows you to watch videos with friends through video calls

Facebook evolves in the visual r onlin phone directe phoy india universe and introduces the option of consuming videos through a video call with your friends, in addition to advising you on content and providing a search engine Videos have become the new fashion in digital consumption. online phone directory india In recent months Tikor has stolen the hearts of people of all generations and this format has been included in different applications. But this phenomenon continues to evolve and Facebook has decided not to be left behind in this new virtual universe . online phone directory india the latest innovation attributed to the social networking giant has been ” Watch Together “, a new format that has been introduced in its Messenger Room to have the option of viewing the application’s videos while making a video call with a friend.

So both can watch the content together , online phone directory india although in the distance that technology allows. To carry out this practice, you just have to swipe up on the video call and click on the “Watch Together” option . In addition, the new interface is programmed so that the application itself recommends videos to watch, browse through different categories or search for a specific video. online phone directory india On the other hand, this option is available to share said content with up to eight people in a Facebook Messenger video call and up to 50 in the Messenger Room . online phone directory india The company has managed to see a market niche in which there are 150 million video calls per day and 200 million videos sent between daily users .

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Data that shows the potential online phone directory india of this Gambling Email List visual format, according to The Verge . But Facebook has not been the only brand that has seen this business. Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Twitch have also entered to compete in this market. online phone directory india In addition, these applications have a competitive advantage, a greater content library that leaves Facebook in a confusing place by including series, online phone directory india some movies and music videos , among other content. Another difference to keep in mind is that, while the aforementioned applications allow you to view these videos on larger screens, online phone directory india Watch Together requires a smartphone screen , although you can choose between portrait or landscape. What is clear is that future generations will be the most akin to this new type of visual format.

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