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Visual Composer Mega-Guide: the plugin that changed WordPress

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Visual Composer Mega-Guide: the plugin that changed WordPress

Visual Composer is the definitive plugin that has revolutionized the way of designing web pages with WordPress. buy cell phone number It is an essential tool if you want to design quickly and easily and achieve a spectacular result in your projects. It is a true wonder and throughout this post I am going to explain how it works. buy cell phone number Before the advent of web layout plugins like Visual Composer , buy cell phone number the possibilities of designing visual content on WordPress pages were quite limited. To get a professional result, a designer had to know html and CSS code or, buy cell phone number at the very least, be familiar with the short code insertion system.

Now, with Visual Composer you can build a website quickly and with a professional and graphically attractive result. buy cell phone number In the face-to-face WordPress Course in Madrid and in the WordPress Online Course we teach you to make a complete web page using Visual Composer to design the sections and insert all kinds of elements such as sliders, forms, maps, icons, parallax effects, etc. buy cell phone number The possibility of being able to insert all kinds of web elements with a simple click and to create different page structures makes Visual Composer a jewel in our WordPress . In addition, buy cell phone number you can also save templates to apply them on other pages, or combine different templates.

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Here is an example of quick buy cell phone number column Gambling Email List creation with animated icons and text. These These elements are already installed with the plugin, buy cell phone number although you can also add new extensions to expand the Visual Composer library of elements. To add an element, buy cell phone number click on the + icon inside the container where you want to place the element and then on the specific element that you want to insert. Also, you can edit, duplicate or drag them from one container to another. With Visual Composer you will be able to give your pages a very attractive, buy cell phone number functional and structured appearance, similar to those premium themes that web developers offer for sale on Theme forest , buy cell phone number without the obligation to learn HTML code or have never laid out a web page before . And you will also do it very fast.

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