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Video games, one of the sectors that Covid-19 has benefited

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Video games, one of the sectors that Covid-19 has benefited

The video game industry, no phone list australia which has seen a boom in recent years, was boosted in 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic. no phone list australia It ended the year with a growth of 20% and a global turnover of 200,000 million dollars (more than 165,000 million euros). Given the current situation, no phone list australia with mobility limitations for many people around the world and after the major brands have renewed their console offerings, no phone list australia  it is expected that the gaming environment will continue to expand and record high consumption figures. They have long generated more income than cinema and sports combined.

Refold , a marketing and communication company based on data analysis, has analyzed this market, no phone list australia to help brands position themselves in an environment such as eSports platforms , where advertisers have a large open space for their advertising investment. “ no phone list australia The world of videogames has become one of the great stars of entertainment. no phone list australia It was a very interesting channel for advertisers to connect with a young audience that is not easy to reach in other areas, no phone list australia and the number of followers is growing non-stop, expanding considerably in terms of more mature age segments and with the incorporation of women in a high percentage.

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Without a doubt, it is one of the territories that brands cannot forget, both in regards to gaming and eSports in particular no phone list australia ”, explains Belen Nazr , director of Refold Marketing, a company that has great expertise in this area . Exponential growth The year 2020 closed with one Gambling Email List of the great changes in the gaming world , no phone list australia with the arrival of the PlayStation 5 -which almost exhausted its stock when it was released- and the Xbox Series X. no phone list australia This renewal has provided a new boost to the industry of the video game, where Refold experts have identified five major trends for 2021: The 5G revolution The gaming world is waiting for 5G to be extended, no phone list australia which will become the great revolution and will allow mobile games to grow much more.

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