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very current SEO actions for your positioning strategy, by Luis Villanueva

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very current SEO actions for your positioning strategy, by Luis Villanueva

« SEO is experimenting, seeing what works, applying, analyzing «Hospital Contact List this is how Luis M Villanueva began his presentation at the last edition of PRO Marketing DAY , a Digital Marketing event organized by Aulas. Hospital Contact List His recommendations revolved around SEO actions that really work and that right now are decisive in any web positioning strategy. This is the excerpt from Luis M Villanueva’s video , which you can enjoy by clicking play. Below you will see a summary with the most important points of his presentation. Hospital Contact List If you were one of the attendees of the event. You can see the complete video with the others in the private area of ​​the congress. Useful content creation strategy,

Villanueva recommends proceeding in this way: Find out the user’s intent Answer the question you ask Offer something useful, Gambling Gmail List different, Hospital Contact List unique Evergreen content (no dates) When we have evergreen content and we remove the date, we go up in the ranking NO Evergreen content (refresh) If it’s not evergreen content, then please keep it very up to date. Hospital Contact List Although not putting dates works for evergreen content, for the rest it could be counterproductive not to include the date because user behavior also has a lot to say in the positioning of a content. Content length Link bating Search intent is more important than keyword Hospital Contact List The trend of working based on keywords begins to lose effectiveness in terms of web positioning. The ideal is to work oriented towards the user’s search intention.

There are 4 fundamental types of search intent according to which the user behaves: User Search Intent Types Informative: Hospital Contact List What, when, where, the best (Specific terms) Research: These derive from investigative inquiries (Specific products, brand names) Transactional: Hospital Contact List Buy, discounts, offers, cheap Navigational: These derive from transactional ones. (sex, colors, places) Of all of them, Hospital Contact List  the most important are the Informative and the Transactional. Both the Transactional and the Navigational we use in an online store, while the Informative and Research we use them for the blog. Hospital Contact List

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