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Values ​​and assets of the XXI Century Brands

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Values ​​and assets of the XXI Century Brands

That digital transformation is here to stay and being competitive is a fact. find mobile phone number australia But to be successful, find mobile phone number australia it is not enough to have a presence on the Internet and be innovative, but you have to take into account other factors of the brands, find mobile phone number australia which are the ones that add value. After all, “values ​​are what connect brands with companies.” It is one of the conclusions highlighted by the sociologist and director of growth of Bran ward, Alejandra Nuno, find mobile phone number australia in her presentation Emotional contagion of brands . And it is that companies have an indisputable value of creating wealth and well-being and are not alien to society. On the contrary, the expert has specified.

And it is that ” without health there is no diversity .” find mobile phone number australia The entrepreneur, in addition to being a lecturer and speaker at different business schools and institutions, find mobile phone number australia has tackled the challenge of companies today. In it, he explained that, in 2020, the most human side of people and, with it, of business has been uncovered through authenticity, sustainable growth, organization or diversity. For her, find mobile phone number australia values ​​and purpose are strategic elements for the business, helping to find the roadmap. And it is that well-being in companies is something fundamental, find mobile phone number australia despite distance and teleworking, especially after this post-coved environment.

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Nuno explains that the key to good health in the Gambling Email List company is to identify the purpose (why), the vision (where), find mobile phone number australia mission (what) and values ​​(how) and ensures that the characteristics of the purpose is to be authentic, timeless, In this sense, find mobile phone number australia in his presentation Alignment of the purpose of the bandhas addressed the keys to wellbeing in companies after the pandemic, find mobile phone number australia  a situation that has changed the way many businesses work and interact with employees. A moment that has made us give a return to the values ​​realizing their importance.

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