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ust do it” and other slogans that changed the history of advertising

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ust do it” and other slogans that changed the history of advertising

Words are capable of wounding like the sharpest sword. They also know how to caress with an intensity that penetrates the heart and marks it forever. With the talent of the best creatives , find cell numbers in canada advertising can be an art that places those words, and with them the brand, in the consumer’s memory. There are advertising slogans that summarize the social history of several generations . Today we want to introduce you to what, for us, are four of the most impressive slogans ever . find cell numbers in canada Simple, but never simple, thanks to the talent of their creators, they grew the brands with which they were associated in an extraordinary way. “A diamond is forever” Just after the Second World War, in 1946, the South African company De Beers , find cell numbers in canada which practically monopolized the diamond market, commissioned a study to find out the habits of American society regarding its product. The results made it clear that most of the citizens did not associate this precious stone with the wedding rings, which were usually made of sapphire or ruby. A year later, a slogan would change this reality. find cell numbers in canada De Beers had hired the NW Ayer & Son agency to develop a campaign to change American habits and link engagement rings with diamonds. The young Frances Greet, from the agency team, came up with a slogan that today is part of the history of advertising: “A diamond is forever .

” Today, about 80% of couples who promise to marry in the West do so with a symbolic ring topped by some type of diamond. “Because I’m worth it” Many of us may think that this phrase of female empowerment was born a few years ago. find cell numbers in canada Not much less. The famous “because I’m worth it” is about to turn half a century of life. Isilon Precht, a 23-year-old creative young woman from the McCann-Eriksson company, find cell numbers in canada gave birth to this slogan that soon became an emblem of the cosmetics brand L’Oréal Paris . Until then, the woman in television commercials was just a bust without personality. In the advertisements for cosmetic products, the image of a model was shown while a voice- over ,find cell numbers in canada  male, highlighted how beautiful his wife was thanks to the product. With the announcement of L’Oréal and the slogan associated with it, the woman took the reins . She told the wonders of the creams in question and reaffirmed herself by ensuring that she used it on her own initiative, giving herself value.

find cell numbers in canada

Thanks to the slogan “Just do it”, find cell numbers in canada  Gambling Email List Nike managed to sell millions of sneakers “Cotton does not deceive” One of the greatest publicity successes in history in Spain. Can anyone forget that butler wiping a piece of cotton over a surface and berating a woman for not cleaning the surface in question? Yes, without a doubt, find cell numbers in canada with today’s eyes it was a macho advertisement. But the success of the slogan kept it for 12 years in all the advertisements of the different brands of Henkel, the company that owns Tenn., for whom the campaign was made. find cell numbers in canada The slogan was created by the famous Catalan publicist Pere Montale , from the BBDO agency. “Just Do It” For many the most efficient slogan in history. A simple call to action, “just do it” (“do it”), which managed to sell millions of Nike brand shoes and which still remains an identifying element of the North American company. In 1988, when this slogan was launched, find cell numbers in canada Nike was far behind in sales of its main competitor Reebok. However, thanks to a slogan that came from the imagination of one of the creatives of the company Weeden & Kennedy, he turned the tables. Millions of people were encouraged to go out and play sports , accompanied, of course, by the famous American sports brand.

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