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Types of Online Reputation Attacks and How to Defend Against Them

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Types of Online Reputation Attacks and How to Defend Against Them

SEO is, for many companies, a great source of income. Sometimes malicious users or the competition itself can carry out Online Attacks that negatively affect the positioning and online reputation of your brand. Would you know how to defend your website if you are attacked? In April of last year, the 2nd edition of PRO Marketing DAY took place , a digital marketing event organized by Aula CM in which it was possible to enjoy both presentations by expert professionals in the digital field and real practical cases with companies from there. present. In this case, Álvaro Suez « Chui so «, specialist in Black Hat SEO and monetization , Direct Mail Marketing For Personal Injury creator of chuiso.com and Co-founder of Templating told us about the different types of online attacks and how we can defend ourselves against them. A very useful topic for all those who have an online business or work on their personal brand. Here is the video of his presentation:1.

Links with negative Anchor Text This type of Black Hat SEO strategy consists of creating links to a certain website with a negative anchor text . In this way, Google perceives that site as something harmful to the user and reduces its visibility causing it to lose positions in the SERPs. In the example Chui so gave us during his presentation, he detected a large number of links that pointed to one of his websites with the anchor text « Álvaro Suez is a scammer «. In this way, the person who had made all these links wanted the web to lose visibility by being perceived as the website of ate other classic example of Black Hat that Chui so spoke about during his presentation was the creation of junk links to a website. This case is worse than the previous one, since it is necessary to go link to link to select the poor quality ones and disallow them. Gambling Gmail List In the example Chui so gave, they had created about 10,000 junk links. In this case, it is not intended that Google believes that your site is harmful or associates your website with something negative, but rather that Google believes that you have wanted to improve the positioning of your website by linking your site to multiple poor quality pages. SOLUTION The solution to this problem is the same as the previous one: Disavow The solution is the same, although this time the process is more difficult, since you cannot filter by the anchor text, but you have to review the links one by one.

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