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Tripartite Foundation: Free Courses for employees and companies

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Tripartite Foundation: Free Courses for employees and companies

Something that can help you in your professional training is the Tripartite Foundation . Know what it is? us mobile no example Do you know their aids to take courses? If the answer is no, this article may be of interest to you. Take note and keep learning! us mobile no example The Tripartite Foundation is an entity that collaborates with the Public Employment Service to facilitate workers’ access to continuing training courses that contribute to their professional growth. us mobile no example It is a private non-profit organization supervised by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and audited by the General Comptroller of the State Administration and the Court of Accounts, us mobile no example regulated by Royal Decree 395/2007 of 23 March. The business organizations CEOE, CEPYME and the unions UGT, CCOO and CIG participate in it.

The main objective is to promote training and professional development by improving the personal training of employees throughout their working lives. That is, us mobile no example expand and accredit the professional skills of workers. us mobile no example How Fundación Tripartite is funded How it is financed It is financed with the collection of professional training fees that companies and workers contribute to Social Security : 0.6% of companies and 0.1% of each worker. us mobile no example It is also financed by the European Social Fund and the State Public Employment Service. Each company has a minimum credit of 420 euros per year for the training of its workers.

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For whom Fundación TripartitaTo whom The Tripartite Foundation Gambling Email List bonuses are interesting for companies and workers. us mobile no example For companies it is very comfortable when they analyze what new professional skills they need and consider updating workers to adapt to a changing market with new challenges and jobs. us mobile no example With the Tripartite Foundation, the only thing that companies do is advance the payment of the course. us mobile no example When it has ended, they can apply the bonus in the following month’s price bulletin and thus “recover” the value of the course taken. In other words, the company advances money that it later recovers. us mobile no example It is also very useful for workers who want to update, recycle and have new alternatives in the work environment.

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