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TOP programs to reduce the size of photos and compress images

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TOP programs to reduce the size of photos and compress images

If you want to compress images so that they take up less space, telephone number database or you simply want to reduce the size of the photos and change their dimensions, telephone number database in this compilation you will find the best tools to do both without losing their original quality. Best of all, almost all the tools listed here are free and you can use them online without having to download any program on your computer. Thanks to this, telephone number database you can compress your images or change their dimensions from anywhere . In addition, if you have a website or a blog , telephone number database I will also teach you to identify those images that are not optimized and that you should compress to improve the performance of your site. If you have a website or blog,

you have many reasons why I recommend reducing the weight of the photos before uploading them to your site. telephone number database Mainly, compressing the images will help you: – Improve loading speed Images are usually the elements that slow down the loading speed of a web page the most due to their weight. telephone number database This makes your website larger and, therefore, load more slowly , with all the consequences that this entails. telephone number database By compressing the images we are able to reduce their weight and, in this way, the download time of the page also decreases. telephone number database Thanks to this, the speed can be greatly increased. Did you know that more than 50% of mobile users leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Keep in mind that today’s users are used to immediacy, so if your website loads slowly, telephone number database many will get tired and leave your page before it has finished loading. If you want to prevent your website from losing a good handful of visits due to this, you have to make your page very fast loading.

telephone number database

On the other hand, telephone number database loading time has become one Gambling Email List  of the key SEO positioning factors in recent years .  telephone number database When someone does a search on Google, the search engine always tries to place in the first positions the results that it considers most relevant and that the best user experience can offer. telephone number database Therefore, if our website or blog does not guarantee that the user can navigate our site quickly, telephone number database Google will take note and place us in worse positions in its ranking. Another reason why it is important to compress the images before uploading them to our website is to save space on our hosting. When you hire a hosting to host your website , telephone number database you are hiring a certain space on a server. This space is limited and, depending on the plan you choose, you can have more or less storage. telephone number database If you compress your images before uploading them, you will have more free space and thus you can host more content without having to expand the plan you have contracted, which can mean a good saving per year.

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