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TOP 40 of Marketing and Social Media Groups and Communities

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TOP 40 of Marketing and Social Media Groups and Communities

Being part of groups and communities of the main social networks such as Google Plus, uk mobile phone database LinkedIn or Facebook can make a difference in your social media strategy and significantly enrich your presence in the 2.0 environment. uk mobile phone database I encourage you to know this compilation with the 40 best groups and communities. Reaching your target audience has never been easier. uk mobile phone database Good morning, today I want to share with you a list of the 40 best Marketing and Social Media groups and communities that I know and in which I recommend you participate.

It is important to get your content to the target audience, as well as to read and participate with your community. uk mobile phone database In my routine as a blogger and Community Manager, the use of groups and communities is very satisfying and grateful. uk mobile phone database Let’s go there! I’m going to focus on the groups that you have available on LinkedIn and Facebook and on the great Google Plus communities. In them you can read the best articles and initiatives that members share, and you can spread your content if they are interesting. uk mobile phone database IN these 3 social networks it will be much easier to participate with content in these groups than on your wall.

uk mobile phone database

You will reach many more people and you will know that they  Gambling Email List are especially interested in that topic. uk mobile phone database Some groups and communities also propose events or give advice on their strategies. uk mobile phone database Groups or communities are the ideal place where people meet to talk and share experiences and opinions on a topic of common interest. uk mobile phone database We could consider them a mini social network within the social network itself, where to count, advise, receive information and share with people more receptive to a publication or message . uk mobile phone database In this way it is easier to reach people, get participation and comments.

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