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Top 10: Brands with the highest engagement on Twitter

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Top 10: Brands with the highest engagement on Twitter

Meet the top ten brands that manage to achieve the best levels of engagement with their audience on Twitter.
International.-. To say that a brand has a successful strategy on Twitter , it is not enough to get a large number of followers. The great challenge is to make the base of followers feel part of the brand, commit to it and actively participate in building the brand.

Reaching this objective requires brands to make a significant commitment to their audience on Twitter , which is materialized in their ability to listen Indonesia Phone Number List, respond and interact with those users who are followers of the same, if it is considered that it is a channel where the communication is more direct and personalized.

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Although this premise is known by most brands, it is true that not all of them put this theory into practice, so optimizing customer service through this platform is an important challenge to overcome.

The above statement is supported by a recent study by Simply Measured , which evaluated the behavior of Interbrand’s top 100 global brands on Twitter over the last three months.

The research found that despite the fact that 98 of the 100 brands studied posted at least one message on the social network Phone Number List during the time studied and only 54 percent of them responded directly to their followers.

Altogether, the 10 commercial firms analyzed sent 68 thousand direct responses in the last three months, although half of them came from a single brand: Pizza Hu t.

The foregoing reveals that although the big brands have managed to achieve a significant number of followers, they do not monitor the relationships they generate through the social network, an aspect that is essential to grow not only on Twitter but on all social networks through the commitment that is generated with the audience.

Of the sample studied, Simply Measured found that on average the best brands in terms of engagement achieved generated 43,100 interactions per month between favorites, retweets and mentions.

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