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Tips to avoid a crisis in your digital marketing strategy

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Tips to avoid a crisis in your digital marketing strategy

With the proliferation of the use of social networks and web pages as tools for your digital marketing, it is likely that you could fall into a “crisis”. So that this does not happen, we recommend some key points. More related notes: All or nothing in Digital Marketing 3 definitions of digital marketing Switzerland Phone Number List Report Social Networks.

In Mexico, the use of digital marketing strategies is still in the process of positioning itself, simply at the end of 2013, companies found themselves in the same proportion compared to the previous year with a penetration of only 63 percent, of which only 33 percent. One hundred invest less than 2 percent of their budget in these actions, according to the Study of digital marketing Phone Number List and social networks prepared by the AMIPCI.

However, the trend in the use of digital marketing will have to rise and in order to enter without fear of failure or be prepared in the event of a crisis, take into account the following:

1. Although it seems obvious, when creating your strategy always have a plan B or a crisis plan prepared.

2. It is essential to have good professionals to manage your social profiles as well as your website, do not resort only to those who say they know about social networks, today a Cummunity Manager has the analysis capacity that you will need.

3. There must be excellent coordination between the team responsible for digital marketing and, in turn, that of the team with the rest of the departments affected by the crisis. A good way to keep up-to-date at all times is to use an internal instant messaging program within the company.

4. Establish rules with your own collaborators. An example is the prohibition of “bad publicity” with some type of photo or comment on their own social networks.

5- Quick reaction. Try to react immediately to the crisis as you may run the risk of a mistake going viral.

6- Avoid a crisis with the constant monitoring of your networks and websites. From more basic tools like Google Alerts to professional solutions like Radian 6.

7- Once the crisis is triggered, locate the problem and, if necessary, rectify and apologize to your followers.

In everything, keep the correct image of the company, be honest and transparent.

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