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This, the new social network that guarantees content quality

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This, the new social network that guarantees content quality

By 2019, web traffic is projected to reach 168 exa bytes per month, 51 percent of the population will be online, according to Cisco. United States.- By 2019 it is projected that web traffic will reach 168 exa bytes per month , which is equivalent to 51 percent of the population will be connected to the network Belize Mobile Database, according to Cisco data.

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As time passes, both the number of people connected, as well as the amount of content grows radically, so it is normal for traffic to rise from one day to the next; However, the numbers that indicate the statistics of a site are not entirely real, since the time to read that amount of information is insufficient, which means that not everything that is opened or shared is read by the audience.

Imagine that social media disappeared
It is logical that with so much information available, people question the quality of the content, since there is not enough time to cover what really interests us Brother Cell Phone List. For this reason, This redefines the concept of traffic, and limits each user to share a single text per day.

Typically, it is believed that the greater the amount of content generated, the higher the advertising revenue; However, what is proposed is to share content that is actually read and not just share the titles that catch our attention.

Unlike Delicious , another platform that helps to manage content by differentiating the urgent from the important, that is, it invites you to read the urgent and saves valuable content that can be seen on another occasion; This suggests that there is no time for later, so it is better to share a little, but do it well.

Although, when both proposals are interesting and can help a lot to save time, we cannot forget that traffic today is still of great importance for the network, since the positioning algorithms are based largely on the visits that are made. they get for the amount of content generated.

Within content marketing, one of the premises is that quality is more relevant than quantity, and tools such as the previous ones allow brands to more easily segment their market through shared content, with which they can fine-tune their strategies. to impact your targets through relevant information.

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