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These are the 15 leading companies in the advertising market worldwide

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These are the 15 leading companies in the advertising market worldwide

Zenith Opti media has just released its annual study to find out who are the companies with the highest advertising revenue. The ‘ Top 30 Media 2015’ report has awarded Google the gold medal , with $ 50.6 billion in advertising revenue, an amount almost light years behind the second king of the global advertising market, Disney, with $ 20.3 billion in revenue. of dollars. Broad international agreement on the taxation of 15% for large multinationals
According to the study Nepal Mobile Database, the giant Google is currently 136% more powerful in advertising terms than Disney and its sovereignty is so indisputable that even its advertising revenues are higher than the second (Disney) and third (Comcast) on the list combined. .

As Zenith Opti media points out, its power is explained by the proliferation of mobile devices , from which Google has benefited, which allows users to use the search engine anywhere.

Behind Disney is Comcast in third place and 21st Century Fox in fourth position, with 17.6 billion dollars. The fifth place is for CBS and the sixth for Bertelsmann, the non-US company with the most weight in the global advertising market. It is followed by Viacom Brother Cell Phone List, Time Warner, News Corporation and Facebook, in the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth positions respectively.

Facebook has been the great beneficiary of the advance of mobile devices , as it has been the one who has obtained the best growth rate within the ‘Top 30’. The advertising revenue of the social network experienced a growth of 63% in 2015 compared to last year.

To carry out the study, Zenith Opti media analyzed the income derived from advertising, television, press, Internet, social networks, etc., in order to provide a true image of the negotiating power of the largest media in the world with which they have to deal with agencies and advertisers.

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