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The Yin and Yang of Marketing and Sales. By Rafael Muñiz of Grupo RMG

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The Yin and Yang of Marketing and Sales. By Rafael Muñiz of Grupo RMG

That topic is quite right that ensures that each Spaniard is, at the same time, the most versed soccer coach and the most competent politician. belgium telephone number Or at least he thinks he is. We are sure of mastering the tactics and secrets that would make our favorite team win every game and solve the political, social and economic dysfunctions that affect the country. belgium telephone number We dare to go a little further and add that each professional belgium telephone number or manager also has the conviction of being the greatest specialist in marketing, even if they sometimes ignore the principles that govern this discipline and lack sufficient knowledge about its permanent evolution. Underestimating the work of the marketing and sales departments is something like a national sport that is justified in a supposed simplicity of the fundamentals and the exercise of this specialty. belgium telephone number However, this is far from reality.

Marketing and sales is a world that is as exciting as it is complex, as seen by those who enter it for the first time. belgium telephone number Only those who have been studying and applying their strategies for more than 40 years, as is our case at RMG y Avocados , where we are able to understand their keys and pave the way for the success of the company. belgium telephone number But it is that, belgium telephone number in addition, marketing has to fight with another heavy slab. Along with the undervaluation that we have pointed out, it must fight with a bad reputation that is lost in the mists of time. belgium telephone number How many times when someone wants to denounce the low integrity or quality of a product or service does he verbalize it using the formula “this is pure marketing”. belgium telephone number On many occasions the concept of marketing is used to determine superficiality when not malpractice or lack of ethics in search of an optimal and fast result for the company.

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Even today this traditional and outdated vision of the exciting world Gambling Email List  of marketing persists in the thinking of some companies and executives that, even though it is false, belgium telephone number is fixed in the business and social culture. Especially at present where COVID 19 is hitting very hard in sales and the results of companies, belgium telephone number which need to enhance their strategic marketing and make it more disruptive. belgium telephone number Now is the time to ask yourself why you have such a bad reputation. Everyone talks about marketing, but few really know its true meaning and even fewer who apply it professionally. Strategic marketing is not to cheat, but to help; It is not an expense, it is an activity to generate income; It is not a spell, but a series of work tools; it does not work miracles, but sets the guidelines for an efficient and profitable activity. belgium telephone number  Marketing is a series of somewhat complex and constantly evolving tools and activities, made up of multiple angles that may seem contrary, but are actually complementary. belgium telephone number It is what we know as the ying and yang of marketing,

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