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The yesterday and today of the giants in social networks: facts you should know

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The yesterday and today of the giants in social networks: facts you should know

We present you with comparative data from yesterday and today from Facebook and Twitter that are worth knowing.  The digital world evolves rapidly Taiwan Phone Number List, thanks to the growing penetration of the internet around the world as well as the increasingly social and digital profile of people. In this game, social networks play a leading role as they are very important channels in the communication dynamics that users establish on the web.

Imagine that social media disappeared
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In this way, these platforms register surprising growth year after year that demonstrate the great potential that these sites have not only as effective channels of communication Phone Number List, dissemination of information and entertainment, but also as advertising media where brands have the opportunity to reach millions of people with creative, segmented strategies that generate closeness with the consumer.

During this year, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter took important steps to boost their growth, which were reflected in an increase to be considered in various aspects.

Here we present comparative data of yesterday and today of these two important social networks that are worth knowing:



Registered users: 1 billion worldwide
Users in Mexico: 38 million 949 thousand 460
Mobile users: 874 million worldwide
Number of comments and likes: 3.2 billion daily comments
Advertising revenue: $ 1.329 billion

Registered users: 1.10 billion worldwide
Users in Mexico: 47 million
Mobile users: 425 million worldwide
Number of comments and likes: 4.5 billion daily comments
Income from advertising: The total income of the social network for the second quarter of the year reached 1.801 billion dollars, of which 88 percent were generated by advertising.

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