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The value of micro-influencers: the most appreciated perfume comes in a small bottle

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The value of micro-influencers: the most appreciated perfume comes in a small bottle

Influencers are a perfume that leaves its scent for the digital world. Some take it all in, their scent is omnipresent; phone search canada we all recognize them. Others retain a purer essence. They are preserved in a small container and their fragrance reaches a more select audience. Those are the micro influencers. phone search canada The lucky ones who receive its freshness feel it as their own, phone search canada they boast of it, they recommend it. In this lies his value, in the proximity, in the interaction with his followers. They create a faithful and trusting community. phone search canada Is there better value for brands than this? We know that marketing and advertising are above all emotion and that is why influencers and micro-influencers are unbeatable .

Today we want to focus on little brothers, those who count their followers by the thousands, phone search canada  but do not reach the millions of Internet celebrities. What can they contribute to brands? phone search canada A study by Markedly , a company specialized in the contact of influencers and micro-influencers with brands , explains it very clearly. phone search canada According to it, the ROI, or return on investment in relation to the invested capital, is much higher among micro-influencers, phone search canada since the investment is much lower in relation to the great opinion leaders and the percentage of likes and comments, much higher .

phone search canada

Credibility and closeness, phone search canada  Gambling Email List a point in favor of micro-influencers We want the micro-influencers themselves to tell us about the added bonus of writing for a nearby community and what advantage that can have for brands. phone search canada We spoke to Isabel Zimiga , creator of the lifestyle and decoration blog A gusto en casa and whose Instagram account is experiencing sustained growth, phone search canada with more than 10,000 followers. “An essential point that I think we contribute is credibility. phone search canada We post about things that we know , that we have tried ”.

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