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The use of messaging and video calling applications grows due to quarantine

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The use of messaging and video calling applications grows due to quarantine

people prefer newer alternatives, indonesia mobile number directory in addition to continuing to use food delivery apps, older people are more conservative when it comes to communicating and using other indonesia mobile number directory apps in general The exceptional situation that Spain is going through, caused by the expansion of the coronavirus , has led the Government to decree the State of Alarm , so that no citizen should go out on the street except in cases of indisputable urgency. indonesia mobile number directory As the days go by, more people have left their jobs temporarily and carry out their daily lives in the best possible way from their homes , indonesia mobile number directory which has led to the proliferation of activities of all kinds to maintain a fairly acceptable social life.

Therefore, we can observe the heartfelt applause to our health services every afternoon at 8:00 p.m., or any concert on a balcony, or movements on social networks to exercise at home, viral challenges .indonesia mobile number directory  any initiative to cope with confinement . This implies, logically, indonesia mobile number directory that not everyone is experiencing the confinement in the same way, evidencing these differences fundamentally between young people and adults . indonesia mobile number directory This is reflected in the new analysis carried out by Smarted Analytics , which has studied the differences in the use of mobile phones during the week prior to the declaration of the Alarm Status and the following week between users under and over 35 years of age .

indonesia mobile number directory

repair mobile With this new analysis, Gambling Email List the company seeks to complement and expand the information contained in its previous study on the Impact of the Coronavirus on Spanish mobiles , indonesia mobile number directory  providing new data that shows that both young people and adults have been obliged to modify their behaviors habitual before the new panorama. However, indonesia mobile number directory they have done it in completely different ways , if we look at the use of apps in sectors such as Communication, TV & Cinema, Travel and Restaurant & Delivery . In reference to the first of these sectors, it seems that all users have increased the use of applications such as WhatsApp or Hangouts , indonesia mobile number directory  which allow them to communicate with their loved ones in real time.

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