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The new Facebook social network: a virtual campus

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The new Facebook social network: a virtual campus

This new Facebook project tries to mobile no details india  create an exclusive space for students outside of other social networks. This year’s back to school is perhaps the most unusual ever. Thousands of students, especially college students, will find their desire to meet new people, explore academic experiences, mobile no details india and connect with their new peers frustrated. In this new scenario, mobile no details india Facebook has reinvented itself to profit. ” Campus” is the new internal section of its official application to help students live a virtual experience adapted to their new social circles.

At the moment, “Campus” is mobile no details india being patented only in the United States , although the current context promises it quite a success. In general terms, this tool allows users to access groups, events and activity from other profiles only by entering the email of the University and the year of graduation. mobile no details india An interesting point is that all Campus activity remains outside of Facebook , mobile no details india in an attempt to preserve the “academic identity” of students without prejudice based on the general profile information on social networks. A nod to new students who want to “start from zero” in college, mobile no details india despite the difficulties that the pandemic brings. Its operation and interface are simple and intuitive.

mobile no details india

On the main screen, the user can chat, mobile no details india comment or share Gambling Email List news with colleagues . It also highlights the option to create groups and events and the “directory”, mobile no details india where a guide appears with users and their areas: careers, classes and specialties. Apart from the fact that this project is presented as a golden opportunity, Facebook is closely linked to the university sphere. mobile no details india His own creation at the hands of “Mark Zuckerberg” was cooked in the bosom of American universities 16 years ago. mobile no details india The company, in fact, recognizes part of its corporate identity as deeply linked to academics, with which many speak of a “return to its origins ”.

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