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The most important Pillars of Emotional Marketing for a Brand

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The most important Pillars of Emotional Marketing for a Brand

Competition between companies is increasingly fierce. Products and services are increasingly homogeneous and companies must find a way to stand out from the rest. The Marketing and Experiential Emotional is one of the best measures to achieve this objective, but what it is and how to apply it to a brand ?. On April 14, 2018 we celebrated the 2nd edition of the PRO Marketing DAY event ,  organized by Aula CM, in which we enjoyed the presence of more than 20 experts from the sector who addressed the most current issues in terms of Digital Marketing . Among them, we have the presence of Gemma Fallow ,Electrical Contractors List  an expert in emotional and experiential marketing, to discover the wonders of this branch of marketing and invite us to captivate and make our clients fall in love through totally applicable concepts and ideas.

Here is a summary of the presentation To put ourselves in context and learn a little more about this trend, let’s review what emotional marketing is. Emotional Marketing, in generic terms, refers to all those communication strategies aimed at establishing an affective relationship between the brand and the consumer. However, Gemma gives us a definition that is much easier to recognize, easier to connect with, easier to “feel”, pun intended. According to Gemma, emotional marketing is that marketing that feels, that excites, that impacts, that connects with you. Emotional Marketing is that marketing that is not seen but is felt” How does the consumer’s brain work? In her presentation at PRO Marketing DAY, Gemma begins by talking about how we shop.

According to studies, up to 95% of purchases are made from the stomach and heart. What does this mean? That when we buy, we do it moved by emotion. And, although we believe that in most cases there is a justification behind it, this is not the case. It is our brain that is responsible for justifying each purchase. But we are wrong, the emotion is much stronger and it is what moves us to do it. We are constantly receiving impacts in different ways: Gambling Gmail List impacts in the form of images, colors, sounds, energy, words And our brain is able to attribute these images to a certain concept in less than 7 seconds . In other words, in this short period of time we are able to decide whether or not that received impact connects with us or not. A very good example that Gemma gives is that of a Disney hero or villain . Without even saying a word, we can already associate them with certain feelings and / or values. Truth?

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