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The list of training courses and agencies in ethical design

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The list of training courses and agencies in ethical design

Ethics can be summarized in different ways but there is a simple. Definition to understand what it is, it is a question of considering a person’s ethics as the set of moral principles which are at the base of someone’s conduct source. So above all, when you are a student, a young professional and even an old professional. Regardless of your profession baker, mechanic, accountant or even designer, you sometimes find yourself making moral choices should I do this action In my opinion, is it good. Good for whom Why Am I always doing what’s right So many questions that come right after. It is therefore easy to understand that the ethics of one person are not perfectly the same as the ethics of another.

There is no training in ethical design

It’s normal and it’s rather healthy somewhere to cultivate diversity. Then, design is a profession in which there are many areas of expertise famous industrial designers. UXUI designers, graphic designers, sound, culinary, interface, game image manipulation service designers, etc. Currently, apart from a few unions and associations that carry and advocate certain values. There is no common design ethic, there is no Hippocratic Oath for design. Some designers have, for example, an ethic of make the most beautiful packaging for soda bottles. To help make the biggest profits for a bank by designing online credit interfaces, help a political candidate win an election by creating visuals posters.

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Now that we have understood that ethical design

Preserve a national park and its biodiversity by applying for a communication service, helping. Government to assert its authority and creating tools for it, donate part of their money or donate half of their time for free to associations for homeless Gambling Email List people. Share their vision of order and morality on social networks with visuals, articles. In short, you will have understood that there are plenty of designers who make all kinds of moral choices for all kinds of different reasons, with all kinds of actions that will then be judged, from an outside perspective, as ethical. unethical according to his own ethics. Thus, there is no ethical design, there are people who do this job designers. And who make choices and act in conscience.

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