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The keys to designing an effective online advertising campaign, according to Rocket Fuel

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The keys to designing an effective online advertising campaign, according to Rocket Fuel

Strategic design decisions have the ability to increase conversions by more than 600% in certain industries. This is clear from the latest study prepared by Rocket Fuel , a provider of marketing and advertising solutions, called ” Guide for optimizing creativity .” What color is most effective Singapore Mobile Database? or where should the logo be placed ?, are some of the questions that the firm solves in the report.

To carry out the study, Rocket Fuel analyzed around 38,000 banners from 1,076 advertisers from 16 different sectors between the months of November 2013 and June 2014. These are the main conclusions of the document:

– Ads with a red background had 31% more conversion than those in other colors. Other colors with a high conversion rate were orange (28%) and yellow (31%). 40.6% of the analyzed ads had a white background, despite the low conversion rate (14%).

– Animated campaigns obtained, on average, 7% more conversion than static ones. They represented almost 47% of those analyzed. The use of animations was more frequent in advertisements Brother Cell Phone List for insurance (80.7%), home and garden (71.3%) and travel (65%).

– The inclusion of the price did not help to increase the conversion and, in fact, reduced it.

– Human faces had a positive impact on conversion . They increased it by 4%. Ads that showed men experienced a higher conversion (102%) than those that included women (25%).

– The most common call-to-action message was “For more information” and, furthermore, the one with the highest conversion rate.

– Ads that included the logo had 4% more conversion . The location of this was also a decisive factor, since those campaigns with the logo in the lower left corner, obtained conversion rates 81% higher than other options.

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