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The key to success of Video Marketing

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The key to success of Video Marketing

If we think that YouTube has more than 1,500 million active users in a month, that on cold calling in germany average a person consumes an hour and a half of video daily, that 81% of users have bought a product or service after watching a video, cold calling in germany that 76% of marketers say that video has helped their company increase sales, and that 81% of brands have a video on their website, cold calling in germany we can get an idea of ​​why video marketing is trending and it will continue to be for years to come. cold calling in germany And we not only see this trend in brands and on company websites or on YouTube.

but also on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. With this scenario, cold calling in germany it is normal for marketing departments to wonder about the reasons why they should invest in a video marketing campaign . In their quest to offer content that generates more impact, is relevant to the potential client and remains in their memory, cold calling in germany companies have begun to bet on storytelling in their messages. They create deeper, more complex and extensive content so that consumers dedicate time and space to their messages.cold calling in germany  cold calling in germany Think that we live in the era of algorithms that, especially Google’s, reward the time spent by users on a web page by improving the position of our web in search results or in different feeds.

cold calling in germany

The question is: what does the video Gambling Email List have to have for a user to see it to the end? Is it better to go for length or brevity? cold calling in germany All of the award-winning commercials have storytelling in common, they are long-running and deep stories. cold calling in germany On the other hand, if we think about online videos, this resource does not work so well. That is, the user does not stay until the end of the video. cold calling in germany What does the video have to have for a user to see it to the end? The big question of video marketing CLICK TO TWEET Companies must begin to assume that video marketing strategies must be readjusted, cold calling in germany take into account when and how the audience is best captured, know the format and viewers.

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