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The first folding iPhone: the latest Apple revolution that could reach the sector

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The first folding iPhone: the latest Apple revolution that could reach the sector

The first folding iPhone: india cell number the latest Apple revolution that could reach the sector 04 MARCH 2021 SHARE The Macromers web portal has leaked that Apple could be working on the creation of its first foldable iPhone, which could reach stores from 2023. india cell number Day by day we see how technological advances lead us to scenarios that have never been explored so far that seem taken from a fiction. The latest of these groundbreaking steps, to call it somehow, has been the leak that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone . india cell number It has not yet been confirmed by the company itself, but Ming-Chi Kuok , one of the largest analysts of the apple company, has assured it on the Macromers web portal

which has previously revealed other news about  india cell number Apple and has not failed in no time. What would the characteristics be? As they have stated from the website itself, this iPhone would have between 7 and 8 inches with a size, once extended, similar to the iPad mini . According to Kuok, india cell number Apple would be preparing the first models and concepts of this first iPhone with a screen that folds over itself, so there are still no more details about how they will be exactly, as well as the format or the benefits. Besides, india cell number the integrated screen could be from Samsung or LG , since these brands recently signed an agreement to obtain this type of panel.

india cell number

It should be noted that india cell number Apple surpassed Gambling Email List Samsung in sales in the last four months of 2020 . When will the foldable iPhone go on sale? As for when we can get our hands on it,  india cell number it is not yet clear, since, as we have mentioned, it is still in the preparation phase. However, india cell number Ming-Chi has ventured to say that we could have it in our pocket from 2023 , date in which the expert predicts that this folding iPhone will be released, which comes, of course, to delve into the future of smartphones . india cell number If this premonition is true, in a couple of years this product will be in stores, although it will not be too affordable, given that, india cell number taking into account the price that other mobile phones with a flexible screen reach, it could cost more than 2,000 euros .

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