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The experience in innovation for 2021

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The experience in innovation for 2021

The past 2020 was a year that we will all have recorded in a symbolic way because it has brought an unprecedented revolution in the way we live, work, want or relate to each other. brazil telephone As well as in the field of innovation and business, to which the Covid-19 pandemic has led to significant changes at an unimaginable rate. brazil telephone How has innovation been in 2020? Will some changes incorporated in the market to forced marches will continue this year or have they been specific? How to continue growing and innovating in the face of economic crisis and uncertainty? brazil telephone What should businesses do in 2021 to ensure continued success? Does 2020 leave a good scenario for innovation this year?brazil telephone  These are some of the questions that the consulting firm The CUBE has tried to answer, as an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation and the greatest exponent of radical innovation in Spain.

Among the innovation learnings acquired in 2020 ,brazil telephone  which will have consequences during this year, the following stand out: The impact of the improbable on innovation : it is not usually expected, but the improbable, as is the case of a global pandemic, sometimes comes. Faced with these situations, brazil telephone the ability of companies to adapt at an unthinkable pace is key to their survival. This is the case of telework imposed for the first time in many Spanish organizations in 2020. brazil telephone But adapting is not the only thing necessary. Having the ability to evolve and create new services or products that benefit and create value for society in these difficult times is also essential for business success and continuity at all levels. brazil telephone Fewer barriers to innovation : one of the main barriers to innovation is the ability to adapt for companies, and especially for consumers. Users tend to be reluctant to be new and to try something unknown.

brazil telephone

However, after months in which everything around us has changed and Gambling Email List immersed in a ‘new normal’, users tend to perceive the change as part of this new lifestyle, brazil telephone facilitating the introduction of new solutions and products on the market. innovative. 2021 will be a year in which the ability to test new formulas, brazil telephone test hypotheses and execute projects in a flexible and agile way will make a substantial difference between companies that advance and those that remain stagnant (until they die). brazil telephone Greater capacity for collaboration : the situation experienced in 2020 has helped organizations to be more open to collaboration with external agents, to work together and co-create , also sharing risks. Large companies are increasingly open to this collaboration and collective learning, which offer the ability to test more hypotheses, discover new markets and import knowledge from other industries. Bureaucratic clean-up

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