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The evolution of Content Marketing and the most important

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The evolution of Content Marketing and the most important

We continue to collect the best moments of the IV Meeting of Agencies, held on May 19. On this occasion we comment in detail on the presentation by Bruno Vázquez-Doer, CFO Email List organizer and director of Aula CM, on creativity and the importance of Content Marketing for companies. CFO Email List Bruno began his presentation by emphasizing the importance that Content Marketing has acquired for companies and how it has transformed Email Marketing and SEO positioning in recent years. CFO Email List Looking back, he told us about the misuse we gave to email and how today, CFO Email List companies use it to double their sales. Here you can see the full video of his presentation: Mass use of emails or

“hateful” forwarded email chains have died out over the years. It was clear that at some point the user would get tired of so much spam and would reject any product, CFO Email List service or content from companies that do not opt ​​for a more personalized communication. CFO Email List Then, and thanks to content marketing, we started using email to send newsletters to our subscribers. Later, email evolved along with lead magnet strategies , which consists of getting subscribers in exchange for offering valuable content, such as an eBook, CFO Email List free course, gift, a test, etc. And we are currently experiencing the boom in automations. The automation applied to the sales funnel helps to achieve more conversions and favors the loyalty and notoriety of your brand.
This “automatic pilot” CFO Email List can be activated with programs such as Active Campaign , Infusionsoft or Benchmark email .

You can know who abandons the shopping cart or who buys from you on a recurring basis to personalize the message. Bruno shared with us an anecdote that explains the extent to  which a customer can be personalized and loyal through email. CFO Email List This is the email you received after C Level Executive List buying several times in a row at an online electronics store:- «Hello Bruno, Another request? You already have a few, eh…CFO Email List What crack! At this stage we are going to create a section “Things that Bruno Vázquez-Doer likes” In this case, PC Components, with an automation tool, CFO Email List has programmed that when someone buys more than 5 or 7 times they receive this fun and striking message for the user. The safest thing is that they will have an email with a message of the style for those who abandon the cart, CFO Email List for those who buy only 1 time or for those who repeat the same product many times. What do they get?

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