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The ‘ears’ that listen to what is said on 100 million web pages

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The ‘ears’ that listen to what is said on 100 million web pages

01 DEC 2020 – 10:04 CET The Internet is the largest source of information for citizens. Also for companies. On the Internet, uk mobile number users generate all kinds of messages and conversations related to brands: about their products, their personnel policies, their controversies .uk mobile number Listening to what is said about them has become an opportunity for companies of all sizes , build your brand and make decisions taking into account what the consumer thinks. uk mobile number This social listening is the work of Brand watch, a British company that, through various digital tools, uk mobile number monitors 100 million websites to extract information about what is said about brands and shapes it so that they can take advantage of it.

The companies that know their audiences best, their consumers, uk mobile number are the ones that are ultimately going to create the most powerful campaigns,” uk mobile number says Isabel Pealed, Marketing Manager at Brand watch, in the video that accompanies this article. uk mobile number Monitoring the digital environment offers brands the possibility of launching more innovative items and services on the market. “Because you know what is being said about your product, uk mobile number which feature is being liked the most and where the frictions occur along the costumer journey [the customer’s journey from meeting the brand to buying],” adds Pealed.

uk mobile number

For example, uk mobile number knowing which Gambling Email List colors are the most successful among women and men is key to knowing what to market. But, uk mobile number above all, listening will allow companies to build a brand. To do this, they have to deploy plans that take advantage of what is being discussed, not only on social media, but also on forums and review pages. uk mobile number If a customer is sharing a story related to a brand, they can use it to design a content marketing plan, uk mobile number for example. These comments on the Internet are also useful to measure any crisis that may be unleashed and act in time uk mobile number “with an alert system that warns that the mentions that are being registered about the brand are unusual or that there is an increase in the conversation negative ”, details the expert.

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