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The contract that a mother made her son sign to have an iPhone

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The contract that a mother made her son sign to have an iPhone

The arrival of smartphones and tablets has generated a great boom , since nowadays anyone, regardless of whether they are minors, can have access to mobile devices Argentina Phone Number List. This is how the story of Janell Burley Hofmann, editor of ” The Huffington Post”, arises . A year ago, Hoffman gave his 13-year-old son an iPhone, but in exchange for it, he had to comply with an 18-rule contract.

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Here are the 18 terms of the contract:

1. It’s my phone. I bought it. I paid for it. I lend it to you.

2. I will always know the password.

3. If it rings, pick it up. Say hello”. Be polite. Always, always take the call from mom and dad.

4. Give the phone to mom or dad at 7:30 am every school day and at 9:00 pm on the weekend. It will be off all night and will turn back on at 7:30 in the morning. If you wouldn’t call someone’s landline Phone Number List, because their parents can answer, don’t call or send messages to their cell phone either. Respect other families as we like them to respect us.

5. You will not take your iPhone to school. Chat and talk to people and your friends in person. Half-day days, field trips, and extracurricular activities will require special considerations.

6. If the iPhone is dropped, bumped or damaged, you are responsible. Therefore, you will bear the costs of replacement or repair. To do this, save money on your birthday or do other jobs: mow the lawn, babysit … If the iPhone breaks, you will have to be prepared.

7. Don’t use iPhone to lie, fool around, or cheat on another human being. Don’t get involved in conversations that are harmful to others. Be a good friend.

8. Do not send messages, emails or say anything through the iPhone that you would not say in person.

9. Do not send messages, emails or say to someone something that you would not say out loud and in the presence of their parents. .

10. No pornography. Search the web for information that you would openly share with me. If you have any questions about something, ask a person. Preferably your father or me.

11. Turn it off or mute it when you are in public places. Especially in restaurants, at the movies, or while talking to another human being. You are not a rude person, don’t let the iPhone change that.

12. Do not send or receive intimate images of yourself or other people. Do not laugh. Someday you will be tempted to do so, despite your great intelligence. It is risky and can ruin your life as a teenager, youth and adult. It is always a bad idea. Cyberspace is more powerful than you. And it’s hard to make something of that magnitude go away, including a bad reputation.

13. Don’t take millions of photos or videos. There is no need to document everything. Live your experiences. They will be stored in your memory for all eternity.

14. Sometimes it is convenient to leave the iPhone at home. Feel confident about that decision. It is not a living being or an extension of your body. Learn to live without it. You have to overcome the fear of missing something that is happening and always be connected.

15. Download music that is new or classical or different from what millions of kids like you listen to, which is always the same. Your generation has access to music greater than any other in history. Take advantage of that gift. Expand your horizons.

16. From time to time you can play word games, puzzles and puzzles.

17. Keep your eyes open. Observe the world around you. Look through the window. Listen to the birds. Take a walk. Talk to a stranger. Ask yourself if you need to Google.

18. You’ll screw up. I’ll take the phone from you. We’ll sit down and talk about it. We will start over. You and I are always learning. We are a team. We are together in this. I hope you agree to these terms. Many of the lessons that are in the contract do not apply to the iphone, but to daily life.

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