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The Consumer Behavior Index remains positive despite suffering a slight slowdown

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The Consumer Behavior Index remains positive despite suffering a slight slowdown

Spanish consumer confidence buy german number online fell slightly in the third quarter of 2019, as shown in the Kantar Consumer Outlook report . After reaching its all-time high last quarter, buy german number online  with a value of 8.02 at the end of June, the index fell to 0.12, managing to remain positive. Spanish consumer confidence fell slightly in the third quarter of 2019, buy german number online after reaching its historical maximum last quarter, with a value of 8.02 at the end of June CLICK TO TWEET  vThe Qatar report analyzes the consumption prospects of Spaniards taking into account their assessment of the country’s situation , in addition to the prospects for employment , income and expenses .

The rise in the summer and subsequent decline has been repeated for several years and illustrates the buy german number online optimistic trends of consumers in the face of the holidays and the caution once the holidays are over. This slowdown does not seem to mean that Spanish consumers are going to buy german number online significantly change their behavior towards consumption and start a period of cost control. buy german number online In fact, if we look at the purchase moment valuation indicator, based on the comparison between consumers who think it is a good time to buy and those who think it is a bad time, we see that, although the trend continues to remain positive and stable, the quarterly data falls, buy german number online reflecting a general decrease in those who think that it is a good time to buy the 25 services or products analyzed.

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In fact, the most important drops Gambling Email List buy german number online  have occurred precisely in seasonal products such as vacations or clothing and accessories while reluctance to make financial commitments such as mortgages, funds or investment plans, etc. buy german number online This slowdown in the consumer behavior index does not appear to affect personal employment prospects to a great extent, although it does affect the perception of unemployment in global terms. As in previous years, the third quarter of the year is buy german number online characterized by an increase in pessimism in relation to general unemployment in the country, with an increase in the number of Spaniards buy german number online who believe that there will be more unemployment in the next twelve months, going from 23% to 33%. It i

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