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The company to be competitive must invest more in digitization

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The company to be competitive must invest more in digitization

The ISDI digital business school and the Spanish Association of Advertisers (aea) have presented the 8th v edition of their Digital Barometer, the main conclusions of which are that 62.3% of companies already have a strategic digitalization plan , phone no search australia compared to a 24.5 that does not have it; and only 53% of companies include digital training in their training plans. This year’s Digital Barometer, phone no search australia which has had the participation of 53 companies associated with the area whose turnover is equal to or greater than 200 million euros, phone no search australia aims to publicize the current situation and the challenges they face marketing departments on digitization .

To carry it out, it has counted on the responses of professionals in this area in various sectors such as consumer goods, phone no search australia banking, automotive, distribution and retail, telecommunications, technology, energy, health , tourism or transport, among others. It should be noted that, phone no search australia in this edition, the Barometer reflects more clearly than ever the great advances that companies are making in terms of digitization. phone no search australia This is confirmed, for example, by the fact that the figure of the Chief Digital Officer gains positions within companies and is already present in 64.2% of them (reaching corporate positions in 36% of cases). phone no search australia However, the data obtained also shows the need to continue working to promote this transformation successfully.

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In this sense, phone no search australia it is important Gambling Email List to point out that the main obstacles that companies identify to carry out this development include aspects such as organizational structures (56.5%), lack of agility in decision processes (54.7%) phone no search australia or lack of investment in technological development (60.3%) . Likewise, the 8th edition of the ISDI Digital Barometer and the aea concludes that: The 57.5% of the companies surveyed considered that the level of digitalization of your marketing department is high phone no search australia or very high and increasingly recognize the importance of connecting with the end customer, so apply segmentation (60.4 %), branding (54.7%) or capturing web traffic (50.9%). phone no search australia The on and off strategy has changed forever and already in

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