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The best Marketing and Advertising books

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The best Marketing and Advertising books

Books are usually the great witnesses of the times, number france beyond even filmography or photography. This compilation of the most recommended Marketing books gives us a fairly complete overview of what is currently happening with marketing. This is where the new trends go. number france This compilation of books confirms a reality that we all know, number france but that many companies have not yet implemented: the consumer, the customer, is now more than ever in history the most absolute protagonist of any sales strategy.

If before we were satisfied with a more or less well segmented client, now it is very clear that we must attend to their needs and wishes first. The company must orient its product to those needs. number france The other great truth that surrounds marketing in this year and those to come is the ability to measure almost all stages of a strategy, having, as we increasingly have, number france  analysis tools at hand that allow us to do so. The challenge for the company here is no longer in the implementation of these tools itself, but in knowing what to do with those metrics and how to take advantage of that data to take advantage of the information. number france If you want to learn more about Marketing you can take a look at our Master of Digital Marketing and Master of Digital Marketing Muñoz Vera Publisher

: Anaya Multimedia Tristan Elósegui and Gemma Muñoz have once again joined forces in this book aimed at helping the reader to define and measure a digital strategy based on a practical case. number france The level of complexity of the cases Gambling Email List and strategies increases throughout this book, which aims to cover the entire customer journey from acquisition to conversion , number france combining marketing and analytics techniques at all stages. After “The backstage of ego blogs”, number france where Ana Fernández interviewed twenty ego bloggers, this year she brought “Marca seeks ego blogger”. A book that responds to the previous one and that shows the point of view of the brands and agencies that hire them. Brands that, after all,  number france give professional meaning to these blogs and their protagonists.

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