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The best Google Fonts to improve the design of your website

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The best Google Fonts to improve the design of your website

This is a great advance given the versatility it offers us in terms of web page design. Previously, Professors EDU Email Addresses only a few fonts could be used in web design, the so-called “safe fonts” (Times New Roman, Arial, Andale mono . Professors EDU Email Addresses If these fonts were used, there was a risk that the browser would not display them correctly. Before having this possibility, Professors EDU Email Addresses many designers who wanted to use other fonts put them as an image. This is not the best for positioning and luckily today it is not necessary. Typography created by Matt McAnarney and with many variations. It is perfect for text bodies due to its open and rounded curves,

as it greatly facilitates readability. Professors EDU Email Addresses It has up to 8 different weights and their corresponding variations in italics. They have also created a dotted version that you can view and download from the web.Montserrat is a font created by Gambling Gmail List Julieta Ulyanovsk, Professors EDU Email Addresses who was inspired by the typical posters and canopies of the Montserrat neighborhood in Buenos Aires and wanted to create this typeface with two different weights, Professors EDU Email Addresses regular and bold. Open Amaranth is a modern looking typeface with curved and rounded finials. It was designed by Genie Todd Ubuntu has gained great strength and is increasingly applied in many web pages.

It is a sans-serif typeface that has been manually modified to improve its readability on screens., Professors EDU Email Addresses  who sought to improve its readability with touches of cursive structure. sans is a sans serif font designed by Steve Patterson and released in 2011. It has 5 different weights including italics. Professors EDU Email Addresses This makes Open Sans one of the most versatile fonts out there, since it has countless applications. In web design it is constantly seen since it has been closely linked to the inclusion of Google Fonts in WordPress and the rise of flat design.

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