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The best album covers and what we can learn from them

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The best album covers and what we can learn from them

While the whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” idiom is certainly relevant for musicians, let’s be honest having a great album cover can’t hurt. Whether you’re new to the music scene or crafting a brilliant followup record, the cover is a big deal. Think of it as a spokesperson for the music your band worked so hard to create, and the mood that the music embodies with every chord. Here, we’ll take a deep dive on the best album covers learning from past successes, exploring best practices and helping you take the next steps to creating a charttopping album cover design. Selection of the best album covers on 99designs the world’s most iconic album covers and what they teach us — “rumours” by fleetwood mac “abbey road” by the beatles “nevermind” by nirvana.


The world’s most iconic album covers (and what they teach us)

The dark side of the moon” by pink floyd “the white image manipulation service album” by the beatles “enema of the state” by blink 182 “thriller” by michael jackson “unknown pleasures” by joy division “the velvet underground nico” by the velvet underground “aladdin sane” by david bowie rumours album cover fleetwood mac’s rumours album cover via criteria studios, record plant studios abbey road album cover the beatles’ abbey road album cover via emi, olympic and trident studios nevermind album cover nirvana’s nevermind album cover via sound city studios the dark side of the moon album cover pink floyd’s the dark side of the moon album cover via abbey road studios the white album cover the beatles’ the white album cover via emi studios and trident studios enema of the state album cover blink 182’s enema of the state album cover via mca records thriller album cover michael jackson’s.

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Inspiration for creating the best album covers

Thriller album cover via westlake recording studios Gambling Email List joy divisions unknown pleasures album cover joy division’s unknown pleasures album cover via strawberry studios the velvet underground nico album cover the velvet underground nico album cover via scepter records david bowies aladdin sane album cover david bowie’s aladdin sane album cover via trident studios looking back at iconic album covers, what they all seem to have in common is instant recognizability. The cover doesn’t have to be gamechanging the songs will take care of that part, but it does have to be memorable. Look at fleetwood mac’s “rumours” and michael jackson’s “thriller.” both covers uphold a nofrills aesthetic and feature quintessential images of the artists. They’re not controversial or particularly conversationworthy, yet they’ve held strong as some of the most wellknown album covers ever.

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